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Be part of the energy transition and make a difference in the Renewable Energy sector as a High Voltage Jointer working on Offshore Wind Farms in Europe. Join us and power the future!



As a High Voltage Jointer, my primary role involves working closely with my team on Offshore Wind Farms. My responsibilities include cable jointing, connecting, routing, stripping, and maintaining high voltage cables and wires to the highest standards of quality, efficiency and safety, while also:

  • Being open to taking on short (international) onshore jobs to keep my knowledge and skills up-to-date.
  • Taking my responsibility seriously,always following work and safety instructions.
  • Focusing that my workspace is clean while prioritizing the quality of my work and to be as efficient as possible in every task.
  • Promptly reporting any incompleteness, defects, or deviations in tools, cables, or trimmings to my supervisor.

During my assignments, follow a schedule of 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off or 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off. During the “on” weeks I eat, work out, and sleep on a ship.



I contribute to the energy transition by providing a wide range of high voltage activities for Offshore and On shore power.

Reynard brings energy. Our people design, implement and maintain high-end technological and sustainable connections and terminations for the Renewable Energy sector. Our aim is simply to become the best jointing company in the world. Reynard is a fast-growing, successful company with a unique position in the renewable energy industry in Europe and worldwide, we are a team of young, dedicated and passionate individuals aimed at leaving a mark in how renewable energy projects are being developed.



have a proactive, self-starting approach and a strong commitment to excellence. This is is reflected in my ambition to excel. I am very eager to collaborate within a team, offering both assistance where needed, effective communication when asked for and problem-solving skills when relevant. I bring a diverse skill set to the table and this sets me aside from others. Here's a breakdown of what defines me:

  • Strong background in electrical engineering.
  • Proficient in both spoken and written English.
  • Highly competent with computer tools and Office software.
  • Possession of a valid B driving license.
  • Holder of product certificates (Pfisterer, NKT, Nexans, TE Reychem 33kV or higher).



As a High Voltage Jointer I receive a benefits package that is designed to empower me in my role and foster continuous growth.

  • I have a contract that lasts until the end of the year and can be extended to a permanent contract.
  • Ireceive compensation and travel day bonuses that covers all my certification expenses, ensuring I always meet the highest standards.
  • I receive offshore bonuses and a competitive base salary that matches my experience perfectly.
  • I have the opportunity to acquire product certifications, making me versatile for various projects.
  • I can access the Reynard Academy, allowing me to continue learning and specialize throughout my career.


I'm ready to take on this exciting role as a High Voltage Jointer at Reynard and join your dedicated team and I'll be submitting my application before the deadline on February 29, 2024 to careers@reynard.nl






Zezinho Meijboom